Established in 1978 to put education and training in the hands of those who need them the most, MINACT is a leading provider of career training and support services to government agencies and businesses. MINACT provides support to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program by overseeing the daily operations of multiple Job Corps centers around the country. MINACT also offers on-site employee training, records management, pay disbursement and other services.



When everyone gives 100%, we achieve 100% of our goal.
By providing top-quality service, MINACT fulfills the needs of its clients and enables them to find success, growth and strength in competition.MINACT ensures quality by:
1. Looking for ways to achieve
2. Recognizing the needs of customers are critical.
3. Being committed to ongoing training and job development.
4. Being focused on not just what we do, but how we do it


The attribute of yielding favorable or useful results and output on a continuum, while being constructive and involved in delivery of services that provide added value to the customer, the client, and the company.
In tandem, with quality, MINACT recognizes that such high standards will ensure effective outcomes. Non-productive behavior and activities are countered with wholesome opportunities to demonstrate usefulness.
MINACT encourages productivity through:
1.Professional development opportunities.
2.Robust career opportunities.
3.Career networking and exposure to innovations.

Professional Development

Our employees are in-the-know on the latest industry trends, techniques and technology, increasing the quality of service dramatically.
Our employees take advantage of corporate and other training opportunities to enhance their skills and abilities to provide better service to you, the customer.
MINACT provides professional development by:
1.Encouraging employees to participate in regular training activities, and to recognize the importance of cross-training.
2.Asking employees to make a personal commitment to continuing education by looking for ways to expand personal knowledge and responsibilities.

Long-Term Focus

Our customers' success in the future depends on the decisions we make today. MINACT knows it's important to develop and implement a strategy that will see us far into the future.
MINACT maintains focus by:
1.Considering the short- and long-term effects of the action when making decisions.
2.Keeping the best interests of our customers top-of-mind.
3.Anticipating the future needs of customers.
4.Allowing future success to influence today's actions.


Our success as a company is dependent on each and every employee. Accountability ensures high-quality work. MINACT employees understand that they are accountable for their work and, as a result, feel a sense of ownership in the company.
MINACT promotes accountability by:
1.Actively involving employees in the operations of the company.
2.Helping employees to understand their roles in the success of the company, and to know the expectations for their positions.
3.Establishing and pursuing goals that advance the mission of the company.
4.Evaluating individual performance and, when necessary, taking appropriate action to enhance performance.

Team work

When we work together, our customers, as well as the company, benefit.
“Together Everyone Accomplishes More.” In order for any group of people to be successful, the group must function as a team with a common purpose.
MINACT works as a team by:
1.Actively listening.
3.Setting goals and establishing timelines.
.4.Defining success and how we measure it.
5.Paying attention to details.

Customer Satisfaction

When customers are the number one priority, we exceed expectations and deliver beyond goals.We strive to keep the needs of our customers top-of-mind.
Who are our customers?
Students, clients, employers, government representatives and agencies, co-workers and community members
MINACT guarantees customer satisfaction by:
1.Being passionate about customer care.
2.Anticipating the needs of our customers.
3.Working smart and looking for ways to improve what we do.