Your Path & Opportunities

Career Technical Training

Trade areas are designed to allow students to experience the use of trade equipment and tools that represent and replicate the workplace. At MINACT, INC., we have a team of experts who provide career technical training and prepare students to become proficient and productive employees in their chosen career pathways. Career Technical training allows students to obtain industry-recognized credentials that enhance their employment opportunities.

Community Service

We educate our students on the importance of communities and push them towards making major contributions to them—now and in the future. Opportunities for community involvement and service learning are actively sought out where students and staff demonstrate and concern for others, the environment, and the overall community’s betterment.

Student Graduation

We believe that achievement of program completion deserves recognition and celebration. At MINACT, INC., we conduct graduation ceremonies to acknowledge students’ dedication to academic accomplishments, completing trade training, and fulfilling credential requirements. Ceremonies are marked with the pomp and grandeur that deserve these achievements.


All classrooms in Academic and Career Technical training areas are managed by highly-qualified instructional staff. We are well equipped with workplace and industry-relevant instructional materials, curriculum, and technology that are constantly updated to allow students to develop skills for workplace success. Instructional techniques are adjusted to optimize learning experiences for each student.

Placement / Employment

MINACT, INC. provides various training sessions to individuals and prepares them to secure and productively maintain jobs to become self-sufficient. The experience you gain at MINACT, INC. can help you eliminate the barriers to future success with our emphasize on job placement. Students are encouraged to focus on their strengths and attributes to help obtain and hold gainful employment, to pursue further education or training, including apprenticeships, or to meet the requirements for military service.